We are One

While I say the body is something we ‘have’ and not what we ‘are’ – it is our ‘temple’ i.e. ‘where’ we worship.

Many religious traditions discount the physical which lends itself to their followers to care less about the environment for example, because it’s ‘all going to end anyway’ (i.e. in the apocalypse or similar).

Tree Over Water
Tree Over Shimmering Water

Once again, we have a ‘chicken or the egg’ scenario: is the world going to end because of prophecy or does prophecy say it will end because we are destroying it?

We are and are not our body. We are and are not our environment. Our body is intrinsically part of the environment – made of exactly the same material as everything we see around us.

We, though, our essence, is the breath of life that was breathed into us – the soul. Whether soul or body though – we are one. We are not different in essence. We may differ in understanding and ability but not essence. Our soul comes from the same place and nature.

Our bodies are of the same material. We breathe the same air, drink the same water, eat the same food. We are at essence the same. We are one.

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