The Traveller – The Wayfarer

We live on the surface. In light of this…

We travel the surface of this earth, this being (ourselves), this consciousness, this…

We visit all the things people do which we term as culture.

We live in the religions.

We journey in relationships with others.

We are the waves of the ocean.

Creation arises and subsides and we are mistaken…

Sat Chit Ananda – Being Consciousness Bliss

Sabr Shukr Dhikr – Patience Thankfulness Remembrance

Abidance. The ‘I’ arises in ‘it’, ‘it’ does not arise in ‘me’.

We are expressions of the creative power of the substratum.

On the path, we need self-awareness and self-compassion.

Again a paradox.

Pastel waters and sky.

The Paradox of Gratitude

Dear God,


You drove me from society’s meanness and hypocrisy so that I can recover and arise anew far away from prying eyes.


You took me out of all I had been, sent me to the ends of the earth, crushing all my practices, making me consider all I have done and been through, questioning dogma and ritual.


You made me suffer in my body so that I appreciate the important things.


You have left me with nothing so that I may be ready for anything.


You have shunned and ignored me so that my ego may know humiliation and disappear.


You have whittled me down to nothing so that I may know the expansiveness of my true self.


You have shown me abuse, trauma, destitution, pain, destruction, betrayal, corruption, rape and murder so that I may know love, care, abundance, peace, creative bountifulness, bliss, fullness and the true life of the inner self.


I submit to the great teacher of experience who opens my eyes to its hollowness.


Post sunset pastel water and sky.

Attempting Emptiness

Meditation practices often ask us to empty our minds of thought. Even ritual prayer is said to be optimal when extraneous thought is absent and we are absorbed in the experience of the prayer.

When we enter a place leaving every thought about ourselves, our lives, the world, the past and the future at the entrance, what are we left with in that place?

When we look inside, into the emptiness, find that there is something there. We sense something. There is a presence, an essence, a hum…

When we attempt emptiness, we find a luminousness.

More than twenty years ago, I used a word – ‘isness’ – which I came across again today. This luminousness – isness.

And when we realize ourselves in this, which we can also call love – universal compassion naturally arises.

Sun over Ocean with Masjid

Speaking Truth With Spirit

Why is the truth so important?

Why is an open heart and an open mind so important?

Because the truth is unknown between us.


The truth of one person’s experience is bound to their own – not only immediate experience but all of their experiences as well as their responses to those experiences.

If we have learnt the truth of our past experiences, we are much better placed to understand the truth of our present experiences in their multitudinous layers.

Our own and others’ personalities, idiosyncracies, shortcomings, motivations and intentions all play a role in our daily interactions.

Above all, so much miscommunication, antagonism and aggression could be avoided if we just gave each other the benefit of the doubt and showed compassion both to ourselves and others.

Be Gentle

Many believe today’s world is won by cunning and might alone and dominance by ruthlessness is the best course of action.

In truth, nothing is won this way.

And what is lost may amount to the whole of the self.

What Do You Think?

What do you think every morning when you wake up and are opening your eyes?

What are you thinking as you are readying yourself for the day?

What do you think about yourself?

How do you consider the people in your life?

How do you feel about the contents of your day?

What is your overarching attitude to what life has brought you and is bringing you today?

Fingers Pointing to the Moon

We were wrong. We were all (mostly) wrong.

Life’s rule book, religion’s rituals, the practices we use to try to heal ourselves are all ‘finger’s pointing to the moon’.

We mistake the ‘how’ for ‘what’.

We mistake the Path for the Destination.

We mistake the means for the end.

It’s as if we have been given a map and we are coloring it in when we should be using it to find our way.

Be a Bridge

Be a bridge over the chasm, over the swirling water or deep gulf beneath.

Be the one who understands the nature of both sides of the ‘equation’ and who can see the cause of the conflict or problem.

Be the one who can describe, portray and translate each side to the other and display for each side the approach of the other and the common ground between them.

Be the arch and beam stretching across the divide, linking the two sides – anchored to each abutment – sturdy in understanding and on the strongest foundation of love.

Help the traffic flow – meanings, ideas, context, history, feeling.

Be the bridge of love over misunderstanding and between poles of distrust and dissent.

We are One

While I say the body is something we ‘have’ and not what we ‘are’ – it is our ‘temple’ i.e. ‘where’ we worship.

Many religious traditions discount the physical which lends itself to their followers to care less about the environment for example, because it’s ‘all going to end anyway’ (i.e. in the apocalypse or similar).

Tree Over Water
Tree Over Shimmering Water

Once again, we have a ‘chicken or the egg’ scenario: is the world going to end because of prophecy or does prophecy say it will end because we are destroying it?

We are and are not our body. We are and are not our environment. Our body is intrinsically part of the environment – made of exactly the same material as everything we see around us.

We, though, our essence, is the breath of life that was breathed into us – the soul. Whether soul or body though – we are one. We are not different in essence. We may differ in understanding and ability but not essence. Our soul comes from the same place and nature.

Our bodies are of the same material. We breathe the same air, drink the same water, eat the same food. We are at essence the same. We are one.